Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wikipedia vandals for peace!

When Communist Students was founded back in 2006, it was possible to hear - if you really paid attention - a hint of disquiet from the dozy Stalinists of the Communist Party of Britain. Did we not realise that they had founded their own organisation of the same name a year previously?

Well, the sad fact is - we didn’t. And neither did anyone else, because the CPB did precisely nothing with the CS name in that intervening year, and in contrast to their reasonably active Young Communist League, have done nothing more since...until now. It seems that the esteemed proprietors of the left’s dullest daily, the Morning Star, have finally attempted to jolt this stillborn front into life. Some “Communist” students were present and correct at the recent NUS conference in Blackpool, for instance - the place to be seen for all undergraduate labour-bureaucrats.

What else have the good comrades done to re-assert their claim to the name? Prosecuted indefatigably the fight for Marxist politics on the campus, perhaps? Well, no - instead, the comrades have proven their political nous by...wiping our Wikipedia page and replacing it with one of their own. The content of those two links may change drastically, of course, being that there’s an edit war on…but thanks to the exhaustive approach of Wikipedia to archiving its previous versions of pages, their version - put up by young CPBer George Waterhouse – will always be available for viewing, in all its reformist, pacifist glory.

And what a site it is – whereas ours has a photo of a bunch of CSers waving placards on a demo and looking excitable, theirs has a couple of people behind a desk at NUS conference, which – as we have noted – amounts to their entire political activity over the last four years (aside from a half-hearted swing at freshers fairs unknown in 2007). Well, you know what they say about pictures and thousands of words – indeed, I fully intend to hand into Exeter English department eight failblog pictures by way of a dissertation.

I digress – it appears our esteemed comrades not only sat behind desks, but also gave out free copies of the Yawning Star. Well, the jokes write themselves, don’t they? It’s good to know that they also struggle for “peace” – and fair play to them, they sure do look pretty peaceful behind that desk.

Well, good luck to the comrades in their newfound love of ‘student work’ – after all, approaching intelligent and eager youth with a programme of quite as exquisite bureaucratic doziness and unmitigated philistinism as the CPB’s British Road to Socialism, they’ll need it.