Friday, 24 February 2006

Why The British Left Sucks in 2006: Episode V - The Sociology Department Strikes Back

What is your name!? I notice you use the singular there. We were the Revolutionary Communist Party, then we were Living Marxism, then we were the "LM Group"...for current purposes, we shall call them "Furedi And The Goons".

What is your quest!? Ohhh lordy. They were kicked out of the SWP ages ago, and basically have turn into total capitalists. Sort of like the Eurocommies who are all now blairites.

How many of you are there!? God only knows. Numbers are hard to come by, because if there's one thing F&G carried over from their swerp days, it's that zeal for starting up front organisations. At least the latter fairly nakedly use it for recruitment - Furedi does it so he can refer to these admirably "independent" organisations in his ghastly writing.

You might remember me from... Apparently (to his credit) the only other person in the universe that doesn't think GM carrots will necessarily grow arms and legs and kill Prince Charles, you may have read numerous articles in the Grauniad by Furedi eulogising corporate r&d departments. JG Ballard's fallen for it too. Oh dear.

Pros: it's good to have somebody spooging over science, now that we're all po-mo and much prefer herbs and chakras. *spit*

Cons: Isn't it obvious? They're insane, deceitful neoliberal tossbags in need of a swift beating from Harpal Brar.

Overall: Eurotrots.