Monday, 27 March 2006

Why The British Left Sucks in 2006: Episode VI - Insert Womble/Ewok Joke Here

What is your name!? The WOMBLES. This stands for White Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggles, and is the closest thing to a sense of humour ever to emanate from them.

What is your quest!? They're "lifestyle anarchists". Which means that they consider "anarchism", "lifestyles" and "quests" to be hopelessly authoritarian. They make up the numbers at demos, and squat. And that's enough for them. Oh, good.

How many of you are there!? Not many, one hopes. Besides, how many people could you talk into prancing around in costume at a march?

You might remember me from... If you're a cop, i hope you remember beating some of them up. London Anarchists will no doubt have many brain-bending encounters to relate. One dude I know related the story of their 'contribution' to a campaign against the closure of a bus stop -
'buses get people to and from work, so you only want to stop the closure because you don't have a critique of work.' Amazing, isn't it?

Pros: Anarchists make better lovers.

Cons: Whenever you hear some patronizing trot blather on about 'petit bourgeois anarchists', IT'S THEIR FAULT. They look stupid on demos, they talk stupid on the internet and they're about as far from the standard anarchist milieu - down to earth folks with a handle on their communities - as is possible without being Margaret Thatcher.

Overall: Petit bourgeois anarchists.

(People who are actually interested in anarchism should look to the AF, SolFed and Class War. Hell, if you're into this sort of post left bollocks, go for CrimethInc instead. at least they know a joke when they see one.)